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Pearl Cleaning & Threading

The lustrous baroque forms of the pearls make them a timeless classic. The organic feel to these perfect shining spheres is something that cannot be replicated, no matter how hard you try or what materials are used.
Pearl threading
If you notice that the string holding your pearls together has stretched, is fraying or discoloured, it might be time to get them re-strung. We are able to re-string necklaces and bracelets with silk thread, both knotted and un-knotted whether they are damaged and need to be repaired or if you are wanting to re-design a sentimental piece.


Having a special name or date on a piece of jewellery or a family crest to be used as a seal on a signet ring, engraving is a popular option when it comes to adding a special touch and personalising your items.
Hand engraving will be truly unique, an unchanged and historic craft, created by small cuts being made deep into the metal and ensuring long-lasting results, even on irregular or circular items. Machine engraving leaves a laser-etched impression of a design which is able to be exactly replicated on multiple pieces if required.

In years gone by, documents would be marked with an impression of their ring left in wax: a mark of authenticity & proof that it had not been tampered with. As these historical traditions continue, the option to engrave a unique and personal seal has increased popularity of signet rings containing designs from a simple letter to the more decorated full coat of arms.