Bespoke Jewellery design

Bringing your ideas to life

Whether you have an inherited piece of loved jewellery that you want to give a new lease of life or you can’t find your dream piece so want to design it yourself, our experienced team will work with you to develop your ideas and turn them into reality with your own bespoke Jewellery design. With your choice of metal, stones and settings, we will create something uniquely yours. 

Once we have hand drawn your vision, our design team creates a digital, to scale, 3D model using state of the art industry software to allow you to see your design from all angles and make final adjustments before production.

Your item will be made from the very drawing that you have developed, being handmade or cast from your approved model before setting your stones, polishing and most importantly, checking your item before we invite you for viewing and collection. 

Beautiful jewellery is timeless and it’s important to us that your piece stays in the best possible condition for you to enjoy wearing. We’d like you to bring it back to us at least once a year for a complementary clean and service to review the integrity of the setting to ensure the safety of your stones.